Nov. 12th, 2008

metaphorge: (armageddon it)
I've recently fallen in love with the new John Cusack film War, Inc., a darkly comedic satire of the military industrial complex in the 21st century.

Cusack plays Brand Hauser, an assassin (undercover as a trade-show producer) sent to eliminate a local political leader in the central Asian nation of Turaqistan, which has been occupied by the large private corporation Tamerlane, chaired by the former American Vice President (Dan Aykroyd, in a hilarious take on Dick Cheney).

Throw in a crusading liberal reporter (Marisa Tomei) and oversexed Middle Eastern popstar Yonica Babyyeah (Hillary Duff), and things will not go quite according to plan.

Rent it. It's well worth your time. It's very silly, but there's a subtlety to its criticism as well. I particularly liked the tanks covered with corporate sponsorship logos a la NASCAR and the "affinity ads" ("We're building Happiness!" "We're building Freedom!") and gift bags of corporate swag promoting Tamerlane. If you've ever been to a trade show the film is particularly hilarious.

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