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Here's a video review (not by me) of one of the most amazing third-party TransFormers items I've ever seen: the FansProject "TF-Parallax City Commander" trailer/armor for Transformers Classics Ultra Magnus:

What's particularly impressive about this item is that it is not made by Takara or Hasbro, but instead comes from a group of fans in Hong Kong. The engineering is amazing on this, and it really demonstrates what is possible with modern prototyping and manufacturing tools for small groups.

Mine's on the way. I'm REALLY looking forward to this set; FansProject will also be releasing a "Shadow Commander" set in December for this year's SDCC TransFormers exclusive, Nemesis Prime, which ends up being the dare-I-say SEXIEST TransFormer I've ever set eyes on:
shadow commander
I always did have a thing for 'bots in black. ;D
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Albert Einstein, originally uploaded by Craig Chen.

Those of you that know me are familiar with how much I love well-done 1:6 figures.

This upcoming Albert Einsteain from Hong Kong toymaker How2Work offically WINS. I can't wait to have him lay the smackdown on 1:6 Darth Vader and 1:6 George Bush!

There's a much beter photo of Al here.

How2Work's V.I. Lenin is pretty awesome, too... now where's my 1:6 Kurt Gödel?

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corporate zombie

More hott corporate zombie action here.
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Batmobile Casemod

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This past weekend was the 2007 American International Toy Fair in New York City, the toy industry's largest trade show (comparable to CES or E3). What follows are a few things that were shown at Toy Fair that I'm particularly looking forward to seeing released.

A note: I'm not attempting to be comprehensive here, and I'm not going to mention a lot of toys that are, indeed, very cool. For example, NECA's new line of Harry Potter film-based action figures looks fantastic, but I'm not chomping at the bit to add them to my collection. For those of you looking to put seven inches of Severus Snape in your home, this is your time, though. ;D

The single most exciting item any manufacturer unveiled this year is from Hong Kong-based Hot Toys, who are bringing out a 1:6 scale Power Loader from James Cameron's 1986 masterpiece Aliens, which I'm guesstimating to be over 20 inches tall excluding the antennae. This suggests that we may expect to see a 1:6 Alien Queen from Hot Toys down the line. The price has yet to be revealed, but it should be up there, copnsidering the size and detail of the piece. (For those of you not immediately aware, 1:6 scale stuff is Barbie-sized, so the Ripley in the photos is 12 inches tall.)

Hot Toys also exhibited a sixth-scale Alien Warrior from Aliens and a sixth-scale T-800 Endoskeleton from The Terminator

These item will be imported by my favorite toy company, Sideshow Toys.

Speaking of Sideshow, they have only shown one new 1:6 scale item that I'm particularly interested in, but it's a doozie: the Dejarik holochess table from Star Wars. featuring individual pewter playing pieces. Perhaps we'll be seeing Sideshow's take on Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO soon....

Now we're going to go from the huge and detailed to the small and adorable. The next year will see an explosion of MiniMate block figures, from extensions to the previous lines of Marvel and DC Superheroes to new ones from a wide array of television programs and movies, including classic Star Trek, new-school Battlestar Galactica, 24, Back to the Future, Rocky, Silence of the Lambs, Platoon, Rainman and Desperately Seeking Susan. I'm looking forward to having chibi Hannibal Lecter consume Madonna, Tom Cruise, Charlie Sheen and William Shatner before he himself is consumed by Zombie Spiderman.

Also worth mentioning: Legendary Comic Book Heroes from Marvel Toys (the artists-formally-known-as-ToyBiz), an indy comics line including Madman and Monkeyman & O'Brien; and Hasbro's gorgeous 25th Anniversary GI Joe: A Real American Hero figures, which look exactly like the original character control-art.

One of these days I'll snag a position for an action figure news site so I can attend Toy Fair; it's limited to industry and journalists at present. I certainly have enough interest in the industry, following toy news in general, even of things I have no desire to purchase.
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check out my ass, you will, originally uploaded by metaphorge.

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DSCF1137, originally uploaded by metaphorge.


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