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Most of my weekend is going to be spent at Monochrom's sex and technology conference Arse Elektronika in San Francisco.

[ profile] tyrsalvia will be leading a panel discussion at 8:30 PM, How Porn & Tech Change Sexual Discourse. I'm also particularly looking forward to Mark Dery's talk.

I'm doing coverage for the conference for Scarleteen (the premier website focused on sexual education for teenagers), though it will be a few days until this specific coverage is available (to give me time to edit for a teenage audience).

I'll be covering it here as well; I already have a large number of photos online of last night's opening festivities available at FlickR (while none of these contain nudity, they might be NSFW, depending on where you work. Big thanks are due to [ profile] foxgrrl and [ profile] darkmoon for loaning me cameras for this event (my beloved Fujifilm 4900 is on its last legs and cannot hold a charge for very long)!

I'm too fried to summarize what's happened thus far now; Ariel Waldman has an excellent post about the earliest of last evening's activities.
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IMG_1221, originally uploaded by metaphorge.

Photo by [ profile] darkmoon at the True Love in Sacramento.

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corporate zombie

More hott corporate zombie action here.
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DSCF2493, originally uploaded by metaphorge.

It took me long enough to get around to it, but I've now uploaded my photographs of the Secret Chiefs 3 show at the Great American Music Hall on 03 June.

I'm really enjoying doing concert photography; I need a new camera that better handles low-lighting conditions.

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(thanks are due to [ profile] ethora for "special technical support")
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DSCF0758, originally uploaded by metaphorge.

Shot on the banks of the Danube across from Budai Vár in Budapest. 3 second exposure; Autumn and I collaborated on the art direction.

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DSCF0436copy, originally uploaded by metaphorge.

Photo from Auschwitz I, with higher contrast.


Oct. 12th, 2006 06:17 am
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