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i mean really really on fire, originally uploaded by Focal Intent.

If you're like me and not going to be on the Playa this year, but still want to see what's going on, check this out:

Some interesting stuff has already happened, such as an arsonist setting fire to the Man during last night's lunar eclipse (for those of you not familiar with the event, the Man is supposed to be burned at the END of the festival, not the beginning). Luckily the explosives and fuel used for the final burn had not been attached to the Man yet. The fire damage was too severe to repair, so apparently the plan is to construct a replacement Man over the next 72 hours in time for the final Burn.

More photos from Focal Intent are here.

Edit: This just keeps getting weirder:

Joe Garofoli from the San Francisco Chronicle has reported that the person arrested in connection with the arson is Paul Addis, who portrays Hunter S Thompson in the one man show Gonzo, which is currently scheduled to tour the west coast starting next month.

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corporate zombie

More hott corporate zombie action here.
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DSCF2493, originally uploaded by metaphorge.

It took me long enough to get around to it, but I've now uploaded my photographs of the Secret Chiefs 3 show at the Great American Music Hall on 03 June.

I'm really enjoying doing concert photography; I need a new camera that better handles low-lighting conditions.

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(thanks are due to [ profile] ethora for "special technical support")
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R2 gets the ladies, originally uploaded by ekai.

A follow up to this entry; [ profile] metaphorge: all R2, all the time.

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Originally uploaded by metaphorge.
I've been uploading some of my older photos... here's a picture of [ profile] tyrsalvia and I at Rosicrucian Gardens from waaay back in 2003, the first time I visited California. More pictures from that day are here.
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It's flattering when someone likes your graphical design work, but it's doubly flattering when they use your design elements from more than one separate location without knowing that they share a creator.

This Discordian MySpace user has both some of the design elements I created for and this photograph of my crotch:


which was art directed by me and taken by [ profile] xanadumalion. The highly amusing thing about this is that she apparently located the photograph at a German website,, which had blogged about the Discordian Pool @ FlickR, which I founded and moderate.

Guess it's time to print up posters, huh?

(Just a note: I'm not one of thoise creators that gets bent out of shape when someone uses my work elsewhere, especially if they're not making a profit off of it. I find it flattering that someone enjoys my art and finds it representative... infornography in action.)

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