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i mean really really on fire, originally uploaded by Focal Intent.

If you're like me and not going to be on the Playa this year, but still want to see what's going on, check this out:

Some interesting stuff has already happened, such as an arsonist setting fire to the Man during last night's lunar eclipse (for those of you not familiar with the event, the Man is supposed to be burned at the END of the festival, not the beginning). Luckily the explosives and fuel used for the final burn had not been attached to the Man yet. The fire damage was too severe to repair, so apparently the plan is to construct a replacement Man over the next 72 hours in time for the final Burn.

More photos from Focal Intent are here.

Edit: This just keeps getting weirder:

Joe Garofoli from the San Francisco Chronicle has reported that the person arrested in connection with the arson is Paul Addis, who portrays Hunter S Thompson in the one man show Gonzo, which is currently scheduled to tour the west coast starting next month.

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ibelieveinchickenjohn, originally uploaded by metaphorge.

Photo of Chicken John by Scott Beale/Laughing Squid; used with permission.

Graphic design by me.

Many thanks to Harvey Dent. ;)

More information on Chicken John's run mayor can be found at

"The government should be like someone you want to invite to the party, not someone you would call to do your taxes," he said last week during an interview about his candidacy. "The government body of San Francisco should be intoxicated every once in a while on a Friday afternoon, or have a piercing."
Besides, how could you not vote fora man who can eat a lightbulb?

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So, apparently we survived Burning Man. Got in late last night; more after the rental is returned.
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Preparation is going pretty well, but we still have a million things to do before we depart for the playa (scheduled tonight). [ profile] vega_33 got in from Australia yesterday afternoon, and accompanied me on a much-too-long journey to deposit the remains of our big truckables at the Mad Scientists Collective Assault Base in San Jose early this morning. I'm going to try to get in some high density sleep before we make the final push this afternoon....

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