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Johannes has an accident
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We'll get more photos up once we return from KOL Con V in Phoenix, but this video by [ profile] darkmoon from the opening night of Arse Elektronika 2008 was too good to wait until then to post.

It is, amazingly, most likely work safe.
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I don't know how many of you have been following the recent stories of the implosion of several titans of the U.S. financial services industry (Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns) and closely related industries (Washington Mutual is in severe trouble and is putting itself on the auction block, and the Federal Government just bought a 79% stake of American International Group, one of the world's largest insurers, to keep it from going under).

This is an excellent article on many of the reasons why this has all happened.

While you're at it, knowing the skinny on the subprime mortgage crisis in general is not a bad idea, and this article is pretty good overview of the sequnce of events.
And yes, this should matter to you.
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Whomever is doing background checks and spin control for the McCain campaign need to be fired.
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McCain-Palin 2008, originally uploaded by metaphorge.

Hooray, I found a photo! John McCain and Michael Palin performing together for a sold-out performance at the Hollywood Bowl back in the seventies, I think it was a benefit for Vietnam vets. Sorry about the quality, apparently this is a video capture from an old VHS tape. I'll see if I can find a better one.

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I understand that there are countless Monty Python fans around the U.S., but I am very disappointed in John McCain's choice as a Vice Presidential candidate.

I mean, Michael Palin isn't even an American!

Edit: On the bright side, Palin looks GREAT in drag, much better than Joe Biden would, and I suppose McCain deserves credit for trying to appeal to the comedic transvestite set, though I would have gone with Izzard on this count. Also Palin is an accomplished author.

Further edit: I found a photo.
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Albert Einstein, originally uploaded by Craig Chen.

Those of you that know me are familiar with how much I love well-done 1:6 figures.

This upcoming Albert Einsteain from Hong Kong toymaker How2Work offically WINS. I can't wait to have him lay the smackdown on 1:6 Darth Vader and 1:6 George Bush!

There's a much beter photo of Al here.

How2Work's V.I. Lenin is pretty awesome, too... now where's my 1:6 Kurt Gödel?

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I'm not convinced of the continued value of a commercial service that I have to pay for when politics have to be introduced into it in order for it not to absolutely suck balls.
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I knew before I sat down in the theater earlier tonight that the new Wachowski brothers film Speed Racer was going to be a love-it-or-hate-it-affair for pretty much anyone who went to see it. I was prepared to hate it. I just could not tell from the pre-release buz or the trailer.

I was right. I noticed several people in the audience leaving before the picture was over.

On the other hand, (somewhat to my surprise) I liked it. A lot. I loved it.

Make no mistake about it, it's based on a cartoon, a rather simple cartoon, and if you're looking for intricacies of plot, rent Syriana instead. Speed Racer is eye candy, pure and simple, perhaps some of the most beautiful eye candy I've seen, and is an absolutely perfect adaptation of the source material to the big screen. This does for anime what Sin City did for a Frank Miller comic; it immerses you in another world entirely.

Of the reviews I've seen for the film, this one by Bill Gibron of PopMaters comes the closest to mirroring how I feel about the film:

"Candy colored dreams descend down physically impossible angles, shapes shifting across plains of apparent non-reality while simultaneously simulating real life. Cartoon icons come to life, reduced to clichéd contradictions in a classic tale of good vs. very, very evil. Family is the focus, but not to the detriment of all that effervescent eye candy, and modern technology never trumps the skills inherent in masterful moviemaking. This is what the Wachowski Brothers have created with their homage to the classic ‘60s anime series. Speed Racer is that kind of a thesaurus level triumph. One needs an extended vocabulary to work out the descriptions necessary to explain this amazing movie.

Ever since he was a small boy, young Speed Racer idolized his brother Rex. When tragedy takes him away, the lad is determined to follow in his footsteps. Speed has always had driving in his blood, and as he matures, he becomes one of the sport’s best. Unfortunately, racing is controlled by corrupt corporate conglomerates with connections to mobsters and other shady characters. When Speed wins an important contest, he is approached by the owner of Royalton Industries, who makes him a sizable offer to join his team. Naturally, family comes first, and Speed would never leave his home crew - Mom, Pops, mechanic Sparky, little brother Spritle, or pet monkey Chim-Chim. He also has a thing for gal pal Trixie. Naturally, rejecting Royalton causes a rift which threatens to bring down the entire Racer team.

Forget all the curmudgeonly criticism that argues for this movie’s optical overload capacity - Speed Racer is a modern masterpiece, no two ways about it. Andy and Larry Wachowski have succeeded in creating a living, breathing comic book, complete with nods to psychedelic pen and ink designs, four panel editing, and overflowing visual pizzazz. Anyone who can’t see the brilliant blockbuster fun the brothers are having with this material has spent one too many hours staring at gloomy independent dramas about siblings struggling to deal with their dysfunctionality. This is filmmaking as fireworks, directorial innovation that, while not as media morphing as The Matrix, stands as the highest level of celluloid creativity. From races that routinely flaunt the rules of realism to a story that stresses the noble over the nasty, Speed Racer soars to the highest levels of movie magic."

Definitely not for everyone, but I have not had this much pure fun at a movie in years (also, it's worth mentioning tha I also quite enjoy those gloomy independent dramas about siblings dealing with their dysfunctionality as well).
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DSCF1505.JPG, originally uploaded by metaphorge.

...not at all. All Serious Bidness here, folks.

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DSCF0941.JPG, originally uploaded by metaphorge.

Here's a shot from The Kimberly Trip's 80's show back in January in Sacramento, with a video of the same song they're playing live being played in Guitar Hero. There are many, many more photos from this show.

Hey [ profile] darkmoon, want to expound on the TKT Guitar Hero hacks, as I am not too knowledgeable on the subject?


Feb. 6th, 2008 10:09 am
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HARTSVILLE, Tenn. -- A massive fire erupted at a natural gas pumping station, shooting flames hundreds of feet in the air and rattling windows for miles.

Highway Patrol authorities said there were fatalities, but it wasn't immediately clear if they were from the fire or from a strong storm that moved through the area. On Wednesday morning the Associated Press reported the death toll in the area may reach 20.

The fire erupted at about 10 p.m. at the Columbia Gulf Natural Gas pumping station near the Macon County community of Green Grove, about 40 miles northeast of Nashville.

"We do not know at this time what caused it, and we are attempting to get close enough to get some information," said Tennessee Emergency Management spokesman Donnie Smith. "These flames are shooting 400, 500 feet in the air."

Tennessee Highway Patrol spokesman Mike Browning said the station could have been damaged by a line of severe storms that moved through Tennessee shortly before the fire broke out....
(from the Nashville Tennesseean; read more here.)

Hartsville is my home town. While, as far as I can tell, there didn't seem to be damage in the city proper, there were many deaths in the Green Grove area (as discussed above), which is about five minutes or so outside of town, and Castalian Springs, a small community about ten minutes on the other side of Hartsville, was wiped out.

I'm not particularly close to anyone who lives here anymore, and my mom is about forty miles away from this area now, but it's strange to think that a number of buildings I drove past on a regular basis are now just flattened.

I'll take the risk of earthquake over this tornado bullshit anyday. Something like this happens reaonably often in Tennessee, though not usually where I grew up.
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So, discussion on my previous post concerning Scientology is making me fantasize about a textbook for the How to Start Your Own Religion textbook, with methodology, case studies, etc.

Unfortunately, if someone wrote such a book it would probably inadvertently start a religion... well, if it were any good, anyway.

Also, hi, Blogging, this is Fox. Remember me? ;)
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I wonder if anyone has ever considered if Scientology is an intentional parody of religion?

I'm pretty sure that was not ElRon's original intention, but it would please me greatly if that had been the case, and it does serve as a pretty excellent object example.

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...but is quite probably not safe for work, unless you work somewhere awesome:
I think I am in love with this band media virus. Guess I'm a bit late to this party... they certainly managed to hijack Bill O'Reilly.

It's been awhile since anything has gotten the old gears turning quite like this....

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