Oct. 16th, 2008

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Because SOMEONE had to make this icon from this photograph:
Feel free to use it, credit would be appreciated. :)

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I thought that the photo I iconized earlier today was the funniest thing to come out of last night's debate. Apparently I was wrong:

I almost feel bad about laughing at this one, because, as Kevin Drum said:
"This picture is a microcosm of the entire campaign. It's totally unfair, it could happen to any of us, it's just an unfortunate trick of timing and angle, but....well, nothing is going right for John McCain this year, is it? The guy is cursed."
It is truly unfortunate, especially considering how the photo apparently came about in the first place:
"There was apparently a bit at the end (which I didn't see myself) where McCain tries to come around the table to shake the moderator's hand, and they both go in the same direction around the table, and then both reverse themselves, and McCain makes a funny face to indicate that they're doing something dopey."
It would be grossly unfair to hang John McCain with his ability to laugh at himself. We need more politicians who can do that.


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Here's a video review (not by me) of one of the most amazing third-party TransFormers items I've ever seen: the FansProject "TF-Parallax City Commander" trailer/armor for Transformers Classics Ultra Magnus:

What's particularly impressive about this item is that it is not made by Takara or Hasbro, but instead comes from a group of fans in Hong Kong. The engineering is amazing on this, and it really demonstrates what is possible with modern prototyping and manufacturing tools for small groups.

Mine's on the way. I'm REALLY looking forward to this set; FansProject will also be releasing a "Shadow Commander" set in December for this year's SDCC TransFormers exclusive, Nemesis Prime, which ends up being the dare-I-say SEXIEST TransFormer I've ever set eyes on:
shadow commander
I always did have a thing for 'bots in black. ;D

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