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End Overzealous Enforcement!

Call Gavin Newsom and tell him we do not want our clubs and venues raided by the police department, and we seek better solutions to preserve SF Venues, Arts & Culture. Be sure to remind him you are a registered voter in the city of San Francisco, or that you work here, spend money here, pay taxes here, or otherwise have an economic and political stake in this city.

Telephone: (415) 554-6141
Fax: (415) 554-6160

If You Frighten the Art Scene organizers will stop holding events, and people will stop attending them! The mere threat of a raid is enough to make people stop hosting events, and if there are none left,people will go elsewhere.

If You Frighten the Art Scene public safety is threatened. Would you rather have a bouncer handle a rowdy drunk, or have fights break out in private homes and street corners with no security to stop them?

If You Frighten the Art Scene the economy suffers. People come from the entire bay area (and the entire world) to San Francisco to drink at our bars, dance in our clubs, pay our parking meters (and tickets). They also eat at our restaurants, tour at our museums, stay in our hotels, and in general help make our community stronger.

San Francisco is fueled by the arts underground. People move here to work in our software companies and vital industries because they want to be a part of the local scene. Big businesses pay taxes that hold our city together. Together, the arts underground is the driving force that keeps San Francisco a vital place to live and work for all of us, and Gavin Newsome owes it to us to enforce laws against violence and disorderly conduct – not against arts and entertainment. The Warehouse Alliance has formed to work on these issues, and we urge you to join us.

For more on Call the Mayor day please see
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